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10K Gold Georgian Era Split Ring with Fob Charms

A fantastic Georgian era split ring, complete with foliage detail ornamentation all around the ring, with two hanging charms. The fobs are also from the Georgian era, and are blank fob seals, one made of bloodstone and the other of lime green citrine stone. The charm fobs are ornate, and unique, each with superb organic patterning and scrolling forms decorating the sides. The jump ring with two charms attached is a rare and wonderful antique, ready to hang on a chain, or to hook on to a bracelet with other hanging charms. The jump ring is in perfect condition and measures 3/4 of a inch in diameter, the fob charms are also 3/4 of an inch in length with gemstones that are approximately 1/2 an inch in size. The piece remains unmarked but has been tested to 10K gold. Has some of the original gold patina that makes this piece extra special. Weigh approximately 8.6 grams. Pictured here is an example of how this jump ring may be attached to a chain. If you are looking for chains we have many available at Kirsten's Corner.

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