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12K Gold Georgian Era Citrine, Crystal & Garnet Flower Ring


A delicate and feminine late Georgian era ring, made of citrines, crystals and garnets. This ring is a fine example of the late Georgian era, a time when natural motifs such as flowers, were made up of intricate compositions of luminous gemstones. This ring is beautifully hand-made, with exquisite precision. A smoky oval quartz makes the flower center, and from there an array of gemstones- four garnets, two citrines and 2 other crystals make up the petals that orbit from the center. The oval quartz measures approximately 3mm x 4mm in size; the other smaller round gemstones are approximately 2mm in size. They are all set into foil backs so that they are quite bright and reflective. The flower, or cluster of gemstones measures approximately 1/2 an inch.

The superior craftsmanship of this ring make it a pleasure to wear. Even the band of the ring displays a leaf motif with tiny daisies encircling the band design. The ring is a lovely arrangement of warm colors, from the yellow of the gold to the champagne colored citrines to the pink and wine reds of the garnets. This ring is reminiscent of Spring-time; it is feminine, electric and incredibly bright. This lovely ring is a size 7, and because of the care and detail that the band is made with, this ring cannot be re-sized without a visible cut to the textured and ribbed design. The ring is not marked but has been acid tested to 12 karats of gold. It is a very romantic ring, a perfect gift for a loved one. 


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