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Retro 14K Gold Austrian 1 Ducat Ring


This 14 Karat Yellow Gold ring features an Austrian 1 Ducat restrike gold coin. A re-strike is an official reissuing of a coin which is no longer in production. The Austrian 1 Ducat is made of gold which is 0.987 pure (high purity) and its melt weight in gold is 0.1122 troy. 

The back of the coin faces up and features the double-headed eagle or Imperial Eagle that was a symbol of the Holy Roman Empire. Above the Imperial Eagle is the Imperial Crown worn by Holy Roman Emperors from the House of Habsburg becoming the crown of Austria after the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire. The Imperial Eagle holds the Imperial Regalia or the crown jewels. The Imperial Eagle holds the Imperial Sword, which was used during coronations and holds the Imperial Orb, a symbol of divine right. 

The 1915 gold coin is set within a curvilinear mounting of 14K gold that allows one to see the front of the coin which features the likeness of Franz Joseph I who was born in 1848, and died in 1916. 

The unisex size 9 ring can be sized up or down and weighs 11.4 grams. 14K stamp



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