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14K Gold Victorian Griffin Signet Ring

This 14 karat yellow gold ring is a signet ring from the Victorian era, etched with a Griffin creature. Signet rings were used to sign important sealed documents, and for closing securely any envelope with wax. Considered the a powerful mythical creature, a Griffin on a signet ring was most likely the choice of a higher ranking noble-person or gentleman. This solid and bold ring, is an antique display of prestige and social status.

During the Victorian era beasts and creatures from the animal kingdom took on symbolic meanings. The griffin was a masculine symbol, guardian of life and prosperity, he was also known to be fearless, and vigilant. With an appearance of an eagle, or winged lion, this savage creature is remarkably royal, the king of all animals. What makes this ring extra special is all the precision with which the details that have been considered on the stylized griffin. The creature sits perfectly at the center of the gold oval, ready to be pressed into a wax for a seal.

This fictional creature makes a great unisex ring, and is a perfect gift for enthusiasts of symbolic Victorian era jewelry. Can be resized at a professional jeweler; it now wears a ring size of 4-1/2. Marked on the interior with 14K and acid tested. Weighs 8.6 grams. Circa 1890. It is a fine piece of history, and makes a wonderful addition to any collection. The ring feels quite solid when worn with a nice thick band that feels has presence.

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