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14K Gold Victorian Woven Slide Bracelet with Belt Buckle


A beautifully made 14 karat yellow gold Victorian slide bracelet with a textured chevron pattern with a belt buckle design. This bracelet is flexible, and woven with such impeccable precision. The bracelet slides up and down to fit securely onto most wrists- and can fit up to a size 8 inch wrist.  The pattern created by the alternating textured weave is gorgeous and when it catches the light it reveals itself to the eye. The width of the bracelet is approximately 3/4 of an inch. The slide clasp is a belt buckle that when pushed on the sides opens up to move up and down. On the buckle is some nice floral bright cut work and at the center is a cartouche- blank space- ready for a monogram. This aspect of the bracelet makes it have the potential of being a very unique piece. The back of the buckle we can see the gold standard mark. At the end of the belt weave is a braided decorative element from which tassels hang. The tassels have gold beads at the end, adding a nice touch. This Victorian bracelet has excellent details and is highly considered. The bracelet weighs 47 grams. 





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