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14K Gold Winged Heart with Crown & Pearl Brooch


An exquisitely hand-made heart and crown brooch from the early Victorian era. The brooch is made of 14 karat yellow gold with painted details of baby blue and white enamel. The brooch is approximately 1-1/8 x 5/8 inches in size. At center there is a highly textured heart decorated with blue daisies and leaves, rendered with sublime precision and care. From the center, two wings emerge, fully textured, as if each feather was individually constructed from strands of gold. The yellow color of the gold is vibrant and gives this brooch a royal and other-wordly feel. At the top, a crown hovers over the heart, and is decorated with white enamel rhombus ornamentation on the bottom edge; up top as if floating, a soft and milky 1mm pearl sits brightly, vibrating. All the gold beading on the crown enhances the luminosity of this piece.

The crowned heart is a symbol of triumphant love. In the Victorian era, symbolism in jewelry and the sending of messages through symbolic gifts was a favorite pass-time. Flowers were oftentimes symbols of blooming love, or friendship; pearls were substitutes for tears, or immense sentiment.

The hand-made aspects, and piecing together of this heart with crown and wings is visible when the brooch is turned over. On the back it also has a clip from which you can hang a charm, adding to the language of Victorian symbolism. Originally this was the place from which one would clip on a watch chain. The gold work is truly incredible, and the piece itself is in great condition, making this a rare Victorian item. The brooch is marked 14K on the back. The piece dates to the 1880s and weighs 2.9 grams.



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