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14K White Gold Lorgnette Victorian Eye Glasses


A lovely Victorian 14k white gold and glass lorgnette with elegant form and function. The lorgnette, or pair of folding spectacles, were the precursor to the opera glasses. They are mounted with a built in bale so that it can be hung from a chain. When closed the lorgnette measures 2-3/4 inches; when open it measures almost 4 inches. Each lens measures 1 inch in size. Its a remarkable Victorian original that dates to the 1900's, and is in great condition with superb magnification. See image for clarity of magnification. Pieces like this one are hard to find. The lorgnette is spring loaded and works well; the gold mark can be found near the spring. They open with a easy push of the clip by the bale and close safely as well.

Lorgnettes were a popular item fro the distinguished ladies and socialites to own and elegantly display during the 19th Century. The word lorgnette comes from the French word "lorgner ", which means “to ogle” or “to eye furtively”. The lorgnettes were often used by women to stealthily gaze at a gentleman sitting in the theatre, instead of actually watching the stage. This lorgnette is a really great piece that could be worn as a charm or used for reading...or even people watching.

The piece can easily be worn on a chain, such as the one pictured above. If you are looking for a chain we have a selection available at our store.

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