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1890s 14K Gold Nugget Shaker Pendant

This is a fabulous gold-nugget circular shaker pendant from the 1890s. The pendant is 3/4 inches round, with two pieces of glass held together by a 14 karat gold fitting, it is approximately 3/16th thick. This gold has been tested to 14KT, and the bale also. This antique piece is an emblematic item from the California gold rush era, 1850s-1890s. A shaker pendant sometimes opens up so you can fill it with smaller charms, gemstones, or anything you desire. Typically, these little pieces also move around thus the term shaker. They make a wonderful curiosity for any observer. This pendant was was created with a safe seal, so that the 24K gold nuggets always remain inside, acting as a souvenir of a time long-passed. The pieces still move around with the sway of the pendant and additionally make a small soft sound of gold nuggets falling into each other, which make this piece quite special. 
This pendant is pictured here on a chain, which is sold separately through Kirsten's Corner. Please let us know if we can help you find the perfect antique chain of your choice! This shaker pendant is a great conversation piece, ready to be worn. Weighs 2.4 Grams

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