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19th Century Micromosaic Forget-Me-Not Pendant set in Sterling Silver


A lovely micro-mosaic pendant on a chain, featuring a plentiful bunch on forget-me-nots. This micro-mosaic dates to the 1880's, at the height of the micro-mosaic fashion. This piece is from the Grand Tour era, when European travelers of the Victorian Era went to Rome, or around Italy, and returned home with small tokens from their journeys. The souvenirs were often in jewelry form, made of glass that exhibited excellent craftsmanship. Rome was particularly well known for its magnificent micro-mosaics, and there one could visit Italian artisans and find mosaics that replicated parts of St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican. Other popular subjects included animals, Italian landscapes and flowers. The forget-me-not became a classic flower of these Grand Tour souvenirs, as they made perfect gestures for gifts for loved ones back home.

This pendant is made of hundreds of little pieces of glass. The oval pendant has a black background and six blue flowers. It measures 1.5 inches by 1.75 inches. It is set into a sterling silver back and can be worn as a pendant on a sterling silver chain, or as a pin. It is in great condition, but there are visible surface cracks on the back of the black pendant, but these are normal for the age of the jewelry, and do not effect the stability of the piece. The chain that the pendant hangs low at 12 inches or is a total of 24 inches all around. The chain clips on and off easily, but is nicely secured. This micro-mosaic is a tender and romantic gift that exhibits some excellent Italian craftsmanship. It could work well for a man or a woman. Adds a nice detail touch to any Spring dress. 
Both cahin and pin were acid tested to be sterling silver.

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