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9K Gold Albert Style Necklace with T Bar & Spring Ring

This is an Albert style chain that is a historical antique chain with a T bar at end used to attach to a watch pocket. The chain was a particularly masculine one, and a symbol for status, as on its spring bar one would wear decorative charms or other jewelry symbols of social status. The chain pictured here makes a gorgeous necklace today, measuring 8 inches on either side, a total of 16 inches. At the center hangs a dangling chain with a spring ring, from which charms can also be attached today. The T bar hanging next to the spring ring makes a nice decorative piece. The spring ring is a later addition, but still a vintage item, made of 14 karats of gold. The spring ring is approximately 1/2 an inch and the chain from which it hangs down from is 1-1/4 inches. The entire chain is made of 9 karats of a deep rose/yellow gold, and each link has been marked, as it was pressed to fasten one onto the next. The T bar measures 1-1/2 inches long and the total weight of the necklace or chain is 40 grams. The weight of this piece gives it a nice feel when worn; it adds a bold and confident look to any outfit, day or night. The chain is from the 1910s, and is in great condition for its age. Makes a great vintage item perfect for man or woman. Lots of versatility, with space to hang additional charms and personal symbols.

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