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Double Ram Head 18K Gold Bangle Bracelet


An elegant double headed 18 karat gold ram bracelet made in a torc style, made to twist so one can put it on their wrist. The ram heads meet at the center of the wrist, and have an intricate design of spirals that surround their equally ornate rounded horns. The rams face each other as if to seal the bracelet or butt heads.

The ram motif was first seen in Ancient civilizations, where the Egyptian God Jupiter-Ammon was a reincarnation of the animal. In Egyptian, Etruscan and Greek civilizations the ram was a mystical creature, the very powerful astrological symbol of Aries, and also a symbol of fertility and strength.

The bracelet is 6.25 inches around but it expands and flexes open to fit snugly around a medium sized wrist up to 6 3/4” The technique of rolling the gold in two directions results is a spring like quality. It is easy to take on and off although it isn’t fastened it is secure. This bracelet is a vintage piece that dates to the 1980s, although it was inspired by ancient jewelry that depicted this mythological animal of fantastic qualities and protective energies. The gold content is marked on the underside and interior of the ram's head. Each ram head is approximately 1/2 an inch in size. It weights 9.9 grams. The bracelet is a high quality piece of Indian jewelry, a wonderful addition to any vintage collection. It is in excellent condition.

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