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Egyptian Revival Silver and Enamel Sarcophagus Pencil Pendant


This is an incredible sterling silver and enamel Egyptian revival pencil from the 1920’s. This piece does contain a maker’s mark on the bale, however I have been unable to identity the maker, but it looks Russian.

The discovery of King Tut’s tomb in 1922 sent shock waves around the globe. The excavation of Tutankhamen’s treasures had a lasting impact on the aesthetics of the 1920’s. This led to to the revival of Egyptian style paired with Art Deco sentiments.

This vintage piece is in excellent condition and is still works perfectly! This pencil features a bale on the case which would make for an interesting pendant on the chain of your choice. The pencil easily removes from the sarcophagus, then with a gentle pull and twist the pencil is exposed.

The stunning silver and enamel sarcophagus is decorated with rich colors of blue, green, white, and red. On the front of the sarcophagus the Egyptian goddess Isis is depicted. On the back of the piece there is a lovely scene of blooming flowers or possible papyrus flowers. When fully exposed the pencil is approximately 3” long. This sarcophagus is approximately 2 1/2” long and weighs approximately 13.30 grams.

This piece would be a wonderful gift for the Egyptophile in your life, or the perfect addition to your vintage collection!

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