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Elegant 18K Gold Etruscan Revival Necklace

A stunning 18 karat gold Etruscan Revival necklace from the Victorian era, in intact and original condition. A piece like this is such a rare find. The wire work that strings the pieces together is a remarkable twisted rope, which ends in a clasp. The spinning segments that are woven through and hang from the interior chain resemble hearts, orbs and spindles. Fanciful golden lines of organic motifs are layered on top with lovely wire-work. The segments are meticulously ornamented with cannetille, wire work and granulation, tiny gold beads. The segments also display impeccable patterned wire work making the gold beautifully textured. The many details on this necklace add depth and sophistication to the design of the necklace. The necklace measures 16-1/2 inches around and hangs beautifully. It weighs 55 grams and feels amazing on, solid but not too heavy. The clasp at the end is in perfect working condition. This piece is unmarked but acid tested to 18K gold.

Etruscan Revival jewelry was highly sought after by the Victorians after many treasures were unearthed near Rome in the early 1800s. The intricately wrought gold-work became fashionable and a sign of both elegance and luxury. Circa 1870

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