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Meiji Era Japanese Copper Appiqlué and Mixed Metal Box

A beautiful antique mixed metal alloy Japanese box, made of brass with a copper elements. The type of mixed metal work is called Shakudo, historically used in Japan to decorate Samurai swords, small ornaments and other important items where function and form meet. This box dates to 1880, and measures 1-1/4 x 1-1/2 x 1-1/4 inches. The box features seven decorative copper floral arrangements, which are applied metalwork, adding some relief to the box. All sides of the box and the top are etched with line work that resemble soft and elegant Japanese brushwork. The etchings start on the side of the box and continue onto the lid, creating a design that is interrupted at the opening of the box. Three birds including a crane, are made of brass an decorate the sides of the box. On the lid, which has a nice curve to it, you can see two different copper arrangements, both of different kinds of traditional baskets holding flowers and plant life. The box open and closes perfectly, and it is in great condition. This box is a lovely collectible item, with particularly beautiful Japanese classic motifs, of flora and birds. Additional mixed metal boxes are available from Kirsten's Corner.

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