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Modernist Square Sterling Silver Portuguese Pill Box

An enchanting Mid-Century Modern Portuguese pill box made of sterling silver and gilded gold. This box is perfectly square, measuring 1X1 inches with a depth of 0.3 inches. It is perfect for keeping pills or adding a decorative touch to your bedside table/ bathroom. It will easily fit in a pocket or purse. This Pill box features a Portuguese eagle head hallmark (pictured above) and has a makers mark that appears to be a shield. Vintage pill boxes such as these call upon an earlier time when functionality and art were closely tied. Beginning in the 1830s, with the invention of gel pills, pill boxes emerged for storage. This act of storage became an art form, starting with materials like wood, and progressing to ivory, silver and gold. Make taking your pills a beautiful and glamorous act! This box weighs 10.43g and is light in the hand but solid in form.

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