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Mid-Century Modernist 15K Gold Amethyst Pendant


A gorgeous modernist Amethyst gemstone pendant set into 15 karat yellow gold. The pendant takes a triangular drop form, but the hand-sawed details give a snow-flake or organic feel. A fine example of natural forms inspiring a more modern, angular design. The amethyst has a lovely soft purple color, and its size is impressive. The amethyst in a six prong setting has an open back to let light in; the gem reflects and retracts light in a sophisticated and distinctive way. It is held nicely a top a pendant with two layers, creating a carriage and beautifully double sided piece, which has been embellished with hand cut details on both sides of the gold. The gemstone measures 1 x 1-1/8 inches and is 1/2 an inch deep to the multifaceted point end. The pendant measures 2-1/2 x 2 inches. The chain that is pictured here does not come with the pendant but we have many others in our shop.

The Amethyst is a beautiful gemstone that relates to the higher energies of the crown chakra, crucial for creative inspiration. This pendant makes an unforgettable vintage gift. The hand-made qualities of this piece, and all the detail work on the gold make this a stand-out piece of jewelry. Circa 1940-50. In great condition, no scratches or dents.

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