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Split Ring Georgian 18K Gold Fob & Key Set

This is a rare late Georgian fob and watch key matching set, made in 18 karat yellow gold with navy blue enamel detail-work. This matching pair comes bound together in a split ring, which is a rare item of jewelry that has the same function as a key chain. The watch key measures 1-1/4 inches and the unmarked fob measures 1 inch. Traditionally a key was worn with a watch fob so that the person wearing a manual wind up wrist watch could always have the key at hand to keep perfect time. Usually, the fob would be engraved or would have a seal for the gentleman's personalized mark. The face of the fob is ready for a personalized etching or monogram. Together they measure 2-1/2 inches and weigh 4.5 grams. The fob and watch key are not marked but they test to 18KT gold. The blue enamel has been hand-painted and is in great condition, with no chips or wear. This duo is a lovely piece of Georgian jewelry that can be worn as a contemporary charm. Circa 1840

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