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Sterling Silver Pemberton Vinaigrette, circa 1811

A delicate Samuel Pemberton rectangular vinaigrette. This item is attached to a bale, so it can be worn as a charm, or pendant around the neck on a chain. The vinaigrette has an elongated rectangular form with rounded ends. It has an engraved Greek Key decoration on the face. It has a gilt silver grille with a pierced filigree motif that has a beautiful symmetrical design. Inside, it has stamped hallmarks for sterling silver and Birmingham, England, 1811. The vinaigrette measures: 1 3/8"w x 3/8"d x 1/4" h. Weighs 10 grams. The numbers inside the vinaigrette denote the museum acquisition. This piece came from the Art Institute of Chicago, and was acquired through a de-aquisition. Samuel Pemberton was a renowned silversmith active from 1784-1823.

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