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Victorian Era Gilt Sterling Silver Bohemian Red Garnet Butterfly Brooch

A lovely Victorian era boho chic garnet butterfly pin made of sterling silver and 14 karat gold. The butterfly pin measures approximately 1 inch by 1-1/4 inches, and vibrates with reflecting light. The garnets are multi faceted and a gorgeous deep wine color that compliments the gold colored gilt wash backing on the sterling silver wings. The clusters of garnets that repeat in patterns all along the wings and body of the butterfly range from approximately 1mm-1.6mm in size.  A dotted silver bead pattern in between each stone accentuates the lightness of this piece. The pin on the back of the butterfly is marked 14K. The pin weighs 6 grams. This piece has a beautiful symmetrical design. The butterfly dates to the 1890s, and makes a lovely antique decorative piece easily worn with any outfit.

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