Kirsten's Corner Jewelry

Victorian Jabot Pin Necklace with Single Cut diamond and Seed Pearls

This necklace gleams with a subtle golden glow that's perfect for everyday. It has been delicately upcycled keeping with its Victorian background. Previously, this piece was a jabot pin. Jabot pins were used in clothing to secure ruffled or lace pieces on the front of shirts. Jabot pins were later re-popularized in the 1920's for their art deco aesthetic. Here, the jabot pin has been turned into a beautiful necklace, both delicate and hard, depicting a sword-like shape and sheath. Everything is colored in a luminous rose gold. The chain is 14K Gold (marked). The pin section is decorated with 25 small seed pearls and one single cut diamond measuring slightly smaller than a millimeter in diameter. The necklace is 18 inches in length and hangs to about mid-chest, weighs 5.3g and is a beautiful and unique rose gold look to add to any outfit.

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