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Victorian Turquoise Paste and Seed Pearl, 14K Gold Ring

A lovely turquoise blue glass and tiny seed pearl, 14 karat gold ring from the Victorian era. The ring is a size 7, but can be easily re-sized. The five stone turquoise glass beads are set into a symmetrical and descending order; the central oval glass bead is the largest one, measuring 5 x 3 mm. The prongs that hold the beads in place are decorated with tiny seed pearls with a metallic grey-blue tone. The 8 tiny seed pearls are set into and framed by remarkable gold beaded work that is a pleasure to look at. The pearls and glass are all supported on a raised carriage that accentuate the elegance of these stones. Even the sides of the band are decorated with lovely organic foliage motifs. There is a slight rose tint to the gold of the band that complements the turquoise and blue tones quite nicely. The interior of the band is marked with HB- the maker's mark of Heinz Bros, Buffalo N.Y, circa 1900. At the turn of the century Heinz Bros. were known for their high quality rings. This ring is in great condition, a rare piece of history from a remarkable jeweler that has a timeless style and beauty.

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