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Victorian Whitby Jet Mourning Cross


A rare, stunning and dark cross from the Victorian ages. This pendant takes on the shape of a cross in a unique manner. It is minimalistic with a square at the center and arms that flair. This piece weighs 16.9g and measures 4.5" by 2.9". It is incredibly light because it is made from Whitby Jet wood. Whitby jet is a semi-precious stone that when polished has an intense waxy look of opaque black. It is rare to find true Whitby jet as it is from a fossilized monkey-puzzle tree that was originally found off the cliffs near the historic fishing town of Whitby in North Yorkshire, England. The tree was once quite abundant and in the beginning of the Bronze Age it was the material that was used to make beads. Later, the Romans mined in this area and Queen Victoria made most of her mourning jewelry from this black natural stone. It was such a special and almost magical stone with highly reflective qualities that when nicely polished, jet was used for mirrors. This cross can be worn as a pendant or used for prayer/meditation. Either way, this is a powerfully gothic piece perfect for any collection of rarities. I have shown it on a silver toned metal chain also from the Victorian era. The cross is circa 1860.

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