Kirsten's Corner Jewelry

Vintage 14K Gold Miniature Cow Charm

A lovely miniature regal cow charm measuring approximately 1/2 an inch. The small charm is make of solid 14K gold and although very tiny, with its bright yellow gold color this cow it has a lot of character! A small shiny cow with horns, rendered in exacting and beautiful details makes this piece a real stand out.  Ready to hang on the chain of your choice, or from any charm bracelet. This small charm makes a great symbolic gift, as a token of affection. In many cultures the cow is a holy or sacred animal deserving of respect and much kindness. The charm weighs approximately 2.5 grams. Acid tested to 14K gold but remains unmarked. The charm is pictured here on a chain, but is sold on its own. We do however, have many chains available through Kirsten's Corner.

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