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Vintage 22K Indian Gold Necklace with Black Gemstones

A gorgeous vintage Indian necklace made of 22 karat yellow gold, ornate with an alternating patterns of yellow gold beads and black stone beads. Each bead has been hand threaded and attached to the gold chain-each bead is approximately 2.9 mm and the necklace measures 20 inches around. The black beads featured on the necklace are black jade or onyx, and have a deep black color when held to the light The gemstones create a bold design as they alternate with the vibrant yellow gold. The chain is beautiful to wear on its own, or with charms and other decorative pieces. Shown here is the necklace alone, and also with a shepherd's hook, and charm. The necklace comes alone but we have many hooks or charms to add if you wish, all available at Kirsten's Corner. The necklace is marked 22K at the closing class, which is in perfect working condition. This item dates to the 1980s and was made in India, a place known for its intricate and lavish gold hand-made gold-work. This necklace stands out and as you look closer all the craftsmanship is revealed. This necklace is a great unisex item, a lovely addition to any vintage collection. Weighs 7.1 grams.

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