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Vintage Italian 14K Rose Gold Infinity Earrings


A whimsical pair of Italian rose gold earrings featuring an eternity band twist. The earrings have exquisite details; they are textured on the exterior of the hoop and smooth and shiny on the interior. As the eternity hoop twists it creates a vibrating visual effect that catches the eye. The earrings measures 1-1/2 inches, which is a nice size to make this looping effect happen. As the earrings fall, light shines on the rose gold and highlights different areas. The earrings are clip-on and latch safely. The earrings are marked 14KT gold, and made in Italy. They have traditional Italian hallmarks that consist of a star and a number that identifies the silversmith, and two letters following that, which identify the province: 1758-AR for Arezzo. The star was introduced after 1968, which makes these a lovely pair of vintage Italian earrings.

The earrings are hollow, with the eternity hoop being lightweight. They are in surprisingly remarkable condition with no dents. They weigh 2.3 grams together. These earrings are intended for pierced ears.

A lovely set of earrings for anyone looking for a bright and feminine look. The earrings make a perfect romantic gift!

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